Baby, it's cold outside!

There are lots of great things about living in New England:  the ocean, fall foliage, the Patriots (GO PATS!), an abundance of lobster, clam chowdah, world renown hospitals and universities (Hahvahd), Fenway Park, mountains, Tom Brady (wait, I guess he can be grouped in with the Pats, right?), Cheers, the Wahlbergs...the list goes on and on.  But the number one thing I DON'T like about living in New England? Winter.  I hate it.  I dread it.  I despise it.  Since I don't ski, play hockey, or ice's pretty much the worst 3.5 months EVER. And what the winter weather does to my skin is just plain mean.

BUT I have found some seriously awesome beauty products that help keep my super dry skin under control during these painful winter months.  I need to share them with you, because I feel your pain.  I know how skin takes a beating during these frigid months.  So without further ado....check out my winter skin picks below.  Click on an image to get my synopsis!

These products will keep your skin soft and smooth until March 20th....and then you'll need self-tanner tips to get your ghostly skim milk skin looking bronzed and beautiful for spring and summer!