About Face!

Why oh WHY do cosmetics companies sell so many GORGEOUS things?!?!  They're putting me in the poor house! With all the money I've spent on makeup since 7th grade, I could probably have bought a $20M home and traveled the world 100 times! I have never been able to resist the lure of the makeup counter or boutique.  Can't.  WON'T!  There are women who go ga-ga for purses and/or shoes.  I am not one of those women.  (I probably own 10 pairs of shoes and maybe 5 purses....and I've had them all for, like, ten years!) My addiction is MAKEUP!  And I love me some skin care products, too!  I'm the makeup counter girl's DREAM customer!  But I always buy my makeup from places that I can return it to if it doesn't work out.  That's key!  That's how I am able to try so many products for all of YOU and my clients.  I have crazy skin so if it doesn't work for me, I won't try it on YOU.  And when I LOVE a product, I tell EVERYONE about it.  And when I hate a product?  Yep....I tell EVERYONE.  And if you know me, you know I have a BIG mouth!  So here are some of my new faves.  (Imagine me with a megaphone here!)


Fly With Me mascara by NYX.  I really love this mascara because it lengthens lashes but with a light formula.  It's not heavy or clumpy, which is what I've been finding with other mascaras lately, even my old standby Maybelline Full 'n' Soft.  That used to be my FAVORITE, but not anymore!  They must have changed the formula, because it stinks now.  This one really delivers its promise of long lashes.  And it looks natural.


This blush is fantastic!  I like the shade HAUTE.  It's a peachy/bronze color that works really well on light-medium skin tones.  I've used this on myself and some redheads with light skin.  It really brings a warmth to the skin, without looking like makeup.  It delivers a very natural glow with a fresh color. 


This Calvin Klein One lip gloss is beautiful!  The shade RAVISHED is my favorite.  It looks like a super bright red in the tube, but don't let that scare you...it gives a brilliant POP of color that is actually just a bit brighter than your natural lip color. Great with a (faux) tan and perfect for summer!


Here's another lip gloss I am really loving. TIGI lip gloss in FOXY.  A peachy/pink color that really saturates the lips with color and shine.  This one is great everyday gloss and looks fantastic with a brown smoky eye.


This might be one of the BEST palettes I've purchased in a very long time!  The Aqualillies for tarte palette contains 6 waterproof shadows that are neutral, wearable shades that last!  All shadows go on smoothly and have amazing staying power.  There's a great highlighter as well as a bronzer that is one of the best I've found so far.  It doesn't leave the skin looking muddy and it really delivers a good bronzed look.  The BLUSH----oh my!  A gorgeous coral/peach shade that works on all skin tones.  Absolutely freakin' beautiful! A must-have!