Prom time!

If anyone had done such a grand gesture for me when I was in high school, I would have definitely said yes.  To anyone. 

If anyone had done such a grand gesture for me when I was in high school, I would have definitely said yes.  To anyone. 

It's that time of year again...prom season!  High school girls around the U.S. are preparing for this big night as we speak (er...write).  I recall my high school proms and let me tell you, all 3 were the worst nights of my life.  Especially my senior prom!  THE. ABSOLUTE. WORST.  (More on THAT at the end of today's blog!)

So here are a few makeup tips for all of you prom-goers out there who want to DIY for the prom.  Remember, less is more.  Just because it's the prom (or any special occasion, for that matter) you don't want to look like you are auditioning for a clown job in the circus with a face full of makeup!  

Uh...this is an absolute NO.  Do you want to look like this on prom night?  No?  Then keep your makeup simple and pretty.  Oh my god...this pic is freaking me out!

Uh...this is an absolute NO.  Do you want to look like this on prom night?  No?  Then keep your makeup simple and pretty.  Oh my god...this pic is freaking me out!

1. Always use a primer. 
Using a primer over clean, moisturized, and *exfoliated* skin is key to setting the makeup for your entire face.  It creates a smooth canvas for you to build upon, resulting in a flawless end-result. 
2. Use a buildable foundation.
Foundation should not look like spackle.  It should be fresh-looking, allowing your skin to breathe.  It should be applied with a light hand in a shade that matches your skin color. (The right color melts into your skin without a trace.)  You should start off applying your foundation (with a foundation brush) in small amounts.  So put some foundation on the back of your hand and dip the tip of your brush in.  It should just cover the TIP of the brush.  You're not painting a wall-there's no need to cover the entire brush and start painting away at your face! (I wish I knew that tip in high school!  Eeeeek! My foundation was 10 inches thick and ridiculously dark.  My face and neck didn't match and, looking back, I know I looked dreadful!  But back then I thought I looked AWESOME!)  Begin brushing gently over the face, blending well.  Be sure to get the creases on the sides of your nose and eyelids, as well as around the lips.  Blend the foundation up and into the hairline and also down the jawline into the neck.  Make sure it is applied evenly and blended in!  *And remember-exfoliate your skin and lips!  I can't tell you how many teens I have done makeup for and their skin is flaking off!  Makeup will not look good on flaky skin, no matter how well it is applied or how expensive the product is.  Taking care of your skin should be a top priority!  Cleansing morning and night with a gentle cleanser and exfoliating several mornings per week, followed my a moisturizer containing a high SPF for daytime (EVEN IF IT IS CLOUDY!) and a richer moisturizer at night are imperative, along with using a rich lip balm, to your skin's health and overall appearance. Okay....I will step down from my soapbox now!

3. Concealer
Any pesky blemishes or unevenness can be covered!  Use a creamy concealer that either matches your skin tone or one shade lighter and apply with your finger.  PAT it onto the blemish or the area that requires more coverage.  Don't rub it in or you'll just rub it off!  Just pat and blend carefully until the discoloration is hidden.

4.  Blush!
Use a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks, blending up and out toward hairline.  It should be applied with fingers, tapping the product on and patting it into the skin.  Use a peach, rose, or warm pink shade to mimic a healthy glow.  Again, start with a light hand and if you want a more intense color add a bit more.  Pat and press into the skin.

5.   Powder.
Dust a translucent powder over your face to set your makeup.  A fluffy powder brush can evenly distribute the powder.

6.  Eyes.
Use a flesh-toned shadow over your entire eyelid up to the brow bone.  Pat a shadow a smidge darker over your lid.  And to create a bit of drama and definition, use a darker shadow (in the same color family) to the outer edge of your lid.  It will create a subtle smoky look.  (BLEND!) Use that same flesh tone shadow along your lower lash line with the darkest of the three on top.  Use a creamy eyeliner along upper lash line, smudging it with a Q-tip or a smudging brush. (Which isn't a brush, per se.  Just a small foam-like tool, sometimes found on the opposite end of an eyeliner or sold separately.)

7. Use a setting spray!
Mist a setting spray over your face to lock in your makeup.  It will not budge throughout the night!!!!!  Wooooooo-hoooooo!
8.  Lashes
Curl lashes with a lash curler and apply waterproof mascara.

9. Lips
Your finishing touch should be your lip color.  Sometimes lipstick is too much for teens.  I like a lip gloss-it's just simple and sheer and easy to reapply, even without a mirror.  A sheer peach or pink is always flattering!



I can only dream that I had one of these gorgeous dresses above for my proms.  I'm going to age myself here, but I grew up in the 80s and the style was...well....not stylish at all.  See below.....

Now, NONE of the above photos are MY proms.  (Thank you Internet for allowing me to search for these poor people's EMBARRASSING photos!)  But THIS was the "style".  Can you imagine wearing those pastel colors and ruffles?  UGH!  And I had the MOST ugly dresses for my proms.  I don't have any pics to show right now....perhaps if I can get my mother to do some serious digging at her house, I can eventually post some.  I know that photos exist from my sophomore hop and my junior prom...HOWEVER....THERE ARE NO PHOTOS AT ALL FROM MY SENIOR PROM!  NONE!  I destroyed the professional photos that were taken.  I wish I could erase the memory of that night from my mind forever.  But unfortunately, I can't.  I went with a guy from another town.  LOSER!  I wanted to go home the minute I got to the prom.  And my dress!  Oh my LORD!  It was a PEACH, STRAPLESS, TEA-LENGTH DRESS.  And I had the WORST sunburn in the HISTORY of sunburns just days before the prom.  Trying to cover it with makeup was useless.  My HAIR.  I didn't get it professionally done--I did it MYSELF!  I used this curling iron with a teeny, tiny barrel that gave me Shirley Temple curls all over my head.  I remember looking in the mirror before I left to pick up the LOSER thinking, "Oh my god.  I can't go like this."  Plus it was raining and that just added to the misery of the night.  Without going into any further detail, (me not getting a bouquet or even a wrist corsage from my LOSER date (he gave me one yellow rose which I immediately threw in the trash!  UH...hello cheapskate!), the guy I had a crush on for years was there with someone else,  the big fight between my LOSER date and this LOSER guy friend of mine, and breaking into my grandmother's house--ooooops!  Did I just say that?) the night was just a disaster.  If I wanted to be really mean I'd post the names of both LOSERS here for the WORLD to see. But I won't.  I'll be kind.

SO HERE IS THE CHALLENGE! If ANYONE can produce a photo of me from my senior prom, I will pay them $100 and I will post it here on the blog and on my business Facebook page.  I can't imagine that ANYONE has one.  I am sure I didn't get into any photos that night.  I'm pretty confident that I won't have to part with 100 bucks, but still, I'm putting that challenge out there.  So WHS Class of 1989.....find me a pic!  I know you can't.....