Spring fling!

Spring is here!  (At least that's what the calendar says!)  I don't know about you, but my wardrobe has consisted of 99.9% of gray and black clothes.  I am looking forward to wearing BRIGHT, BEAUTIFUL COLORS!  And that goes for my makeup as well!

This season's makeup trend is blue, green, and purple eye shadows and liners; lips are various shades of pink, nudes, fuchsia, and coral. 

DON'T be afraid of these eye shadow colors!  It's 2013, after all.  We are not back in the 1970s or 1980s.  Check out the looks below....they're sheer and shimmery.  You can keep them simple for day and amp them up for night. 

As you can see the colors are pretty sheer and wearable.  Colors ranging from icy blues and gray/blues, turquoises, denims, cobalt, are all green lights this season, as are any shade of green or purple.  Shadows will allow a more sheer application, while creams will provide darker pigment, similar to ink. 

So remember, you don't have to look like an Easter egg this spring.  Using a light hand, and if you're going bolder---LOTS OF BLENDING, and your look will be pretty, polished, and PERFECT!