And the winner is.....

So the Oscars have come and gone, but the photos will live on forever.  I checked out the red carpet, but what I was looking at was the MAKEUP!  Some actresses looked great, so much.  I want to take a look at the winners (and, okay, the losers, too!) to see which looks were truly Oscar-worthy.

OK I think these 8 ladies looked fantastic!  I like the neutral makeup-it makes them all look polished and put together.  I'm not against bright colored makeup at all---I just found these women really hit the mark with their understated makeup.  I firmly believe in my company's motto: "You. Only Better."  These actresses look beautiful, but not overdone.  That is what you should aim for; looking like a better version of yourself.  Now, I'm sure you are wondering, "Well, how can any of these girls look bad?"  Aaahhh, well take a look at this link where you can zoom in on several of these actresses.  You will see their wrinkles.  It's true.  Even Hollywood has wrinkles.  (See? I just needed to feel better about my own wrinkles!)  OK so aside from my maniacal zoom-in to scrutinize these gorgeous ladies, I truly believe they looked great.

So here are some ladies' makeup that I felt wasn't the best.

Kristen Stewart...she just looked dirty.  I don't know-she looked like she hadn't showered.  In addition to her always looking mad/sad/depressed/bothered, I just felt that she didn't look as though much effort had been put into getting ready.

The same goes for Jennifer Aniston.  Now I truly like her as an actress.  She always looks great, but for the  She, too, didn't look as though she put much effort into getting ready.  She basically looks exactly the same as when we see her in US Weekly shopping at Whole Foods.  Her hair and makeup are underwhelming. 

Kelly Rowland.  Poor, poor Kelly.  How did she look in the mirror on Monday night and say to herself, "I look amazing!"  The hair....ugh.  And the just looked terrible.  There was nothing remarkable about how she looked.  It was just plain BAD.

Giuliana Rancic. be honest....I saw her on some panel early on in the red carpet.  I truly believed she was a transvestite.  Now hey, I have no problems with transvestites, but she isn't one!  She just looked awful.  Her face looked odd.  The makeup was way too much.  She doesn't need that much.  I can't say anymore....gosh, she looked unattractive.  Ooops...I said more!

Stacy Keibler-I wasn't a big fan of her hairdo and her makeup was too neutral.  She needed a pop of color somewhere!  Perhaps a bit of pink on her cheeks or a rose-colored lip? 

Adele...I love her!  Great voice.  A non-conformist.  All great stuff.  And I understand that this is her trademark look.  Got it.  But it's just too much.  Clown-like.  The lips are just!  I couldn't imagine being a man (or a woman!) kissing big red lips.  Eeewww.  Really...ewww.  The whole look is unnatural.

Amanda Seyfried.  I don't know...I just didn't think she looked as great as she usually does.  She looks tired.  Tired and greasy. 

And lastly, Jennifer Hudson.  Usually I don't like her foundation.  She is usually wearing a very red-based foundation, which just looks unnatural.  I actually DO like her foundation in this pic, but that is it.  She looks totally washed out.  She needs color!  Her lips literally blend into her face.  She needs warmth to her cheeks. 

OK.....I'm done with my critique.  And you know, I don't really LIKE to critique people, even if they are Hollywood actresses, because hey, I am NOT PERFECT!  Not by ANY means!  Right now I am completely obsessed with the big ZIT on my cheek, my flaking skin, and my spare tire that seemed to just creep up on me over the last month or so.  So please, I am hideous!  And I KNOW it!