Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is fast approaching and who doesn't love love?  (Well, back in my college days my friends and I did not  love love-we dressed in all black on VDAY and took black Sharpie's and completely blacked out the date on our calendars....sorry....I'm digressing!)   But if YOU are spending the day (or night!) with a very special someone, you're going to want to look FABULOUS, right?  Here are some products that I absolutely LOVE.  They'll make you look and smell amazing and hopefully won't cause YOU to want to boycott this special day!


This has got to be the BEST scrub I have EVER used!  I have severely dry skin and on top of THAT I also have severe eczema, and this scrub is positively AMAZING!  (Bellanonna is not paying me to say that!)  This scrub leaves you softer than you have ever been in your LIFE!  I even use it on my face-just a small amount, in a gentle, circular motion.  It gets rid of dry, flaky skin and leaves behind the nourishing, skin-loving safflower oil.  It's incredible!  And the SMELL!  My god, the SMELL is insanely delicious!  A sugary banana scent that is just heavenly.  I urge you all to buy this scrub!


By this time of year, I am longing for spring and summer.  I think I suffer from that SAD disorder (seasonal affective disorder).  I need sun and warmth all year round.  This bronzer from UK-based Makeup Academy is awesome!  Probably the best bronzer I've tried.  It doesn't make you look orange or dirty---it actually makes you look TAN!  There is a bit of shimmer to this bronzer, but by no means will you look like a disco ball.  The shimmer is light-reflective, so really, it just catches the light and illuminates the skin. So when you're feeling blue about the cold and snow, swish some of this onto your skin and watch it transform into a natural-looking bronze that makes you look like you came back from Tahiti.

Pacifica lotion.jpg

OK....this body butter smells like a dream!  It smells like Hawaiian Tropic!  It is a rich, moisturizing lotion that smells like summer.  Just putting it on takes me to a tropical locale!  I first found this at Sephora, but they stopped carrying the brand.  I then saw the brand at Whole Foods, but they don't carry this particular scent.  The other day I was strolling through Target and WHAM!  There it was in the end aisle!  There were 3 left and I bought 2.  (I didn't want to be too greedy!) I literally lunged at the shelf and grabbed the lotion like I was a looter!  It was like a smash and grab!  A woman walking behind me saw the commotion I was causing and I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she went over and investigated the last tube of this lotion.  I then saw her put it in her cart!  You see?  She caught the thrill!  (Oh, by the way, they sell a perfume in this scent, too.  UN-FREAKIN'-BELIEVABLE!)


This is a neutral eyeshadow palette that can go easily from day to night.  This is my favorite eyeshadow palette of all time.  I also like the NAKED 2 palette, but the original is definitely my fave.  You can create many different looks with this palette-especially for a romantic night out.  I like to use SIN on the whole lid, up to the brow bone, then use TOASTED on the lid and HUSTLE to create definition.  A sheer pink lip gloss can finish off the look.,,


Finish off your look with some falsies!  I prefer individual lashes as opposed to self-adhesive/strip lashes, because they look more natural.  Use short ones; and if you are a redhead, I suggest using brown vs black.  Putting on false lashes is easy: the key is to look down in a mirror.  The Ardell website has some tutorials as well.


And finally....this is my new lipstick love!  Hey, I love pricey shee-shee products.  Believe me, I do!  HOWEVER---I think a lot of women believe they HAVE to spend $$$$ on products, otherwise they're not good quality.  This is simply NOT true!  While I have a lot of expensive products in my makeup kit, I also have a lot of inexpensive products, too.  This NYC lipstick is awesome!  And while the price is cheap, the quality isn't.  This shade-sugarplum-is a pinky brown color that is flattering on all skintones.  I'm fair and "blonde", but this works for dark hair and skin as well.  A perfect addition to your makeup bag, at a perfect price.